A Gloucestershire copywriter’s LEKI walking poles

Once or twice a week I escape from the office and climb the hill behind our village. It’s a good 40-minute walk each way, with a 500-foot altitude gain, and it’s the perfect way to get some exercise and precious head space. I usually take my LEKI walking poles with me and when I meet someone on the hill they often ask whether I find the poles helpful. The answer is always ‘yes’, followed by a features and benefits presentation that the German manufacturer would be proud of.

These conversations on the hill got me thinking about the similarities between my LEKI poles and a good Gloucestershire copywriter. Both are versatile and helpful under a variety of conditions. And, just as the LEKIs help me get more out of my walk (and stop me taking a fall on a steep descent), so an experienced copywriter helps organisations get more from their business communications and spares them the embarrassment of poor written content.

As well as being great value, the LEKIs are portable and compact too when they are ‘collapsed’. And because they’re made of high-quality aluminium they’re durable and maintenance-free so they don’t cost me a penny when I’m not using them. Just like the freelance copywriter who’s there for you when there’s writing to be done – but without the overhead of a staff writer when it isn’t. And of course, being made by LEKI, the poles are wonderful to work with. Just like a certain friendly, locally-based Gloucestershire copywriter.

It’s time to grab those LEKI poles and head for the hill!