Let’s talk about copywriter hate mail…

I received an anonymous hate email a few months ago; it hadn’t happened before and it hasn’t happened since. And despite coming from someone in the copywriting world, it wasn’t that well written either. I quickly forgot about it and got on with being a Gloucestershire copywriter. So why, all these months later, has this incident resurfaced to prompt a cathartic blog entry?

It wasn’t the unprovoked attack on me and my business or frustration that my efforts to identify the sender led me to a temporary road-block on the information superhighway. In fact, I now have a pretty good idea where it came from – and what to do if I want to explore further…

But why waste my time on someone who isn’t prepared to put their name behind their writing? In the past I’ve received constructive comments from other copywriters; I’ve offered advice too. It’s all part of being a good online citizen.

What really set me thinking about that email again were some recent comments and testimonials from clients that (as well as confirming that I can write) endorsed my integrity and openness, and the way they always know what they’re getting from me. I also have the confidence and courage to stand behind what I say instead of hiding behind a veil of anonymity. You may agree or disagree with my ideas; we can talk about it and I’ll even concede a well-argued point. Then I’ll get on with the writing that promotes your organisation, do a great job and put my name to it with pride.

That’s the real difference between me and the anonymous emailer.