Superyachting in mid-Gloucestershire

This Gloucestershire copywriter has been at sea for the last 24 hours – and I didn’t leave my desk. No, my maritime indulgence consisted of another job for the Super Yachts Directory. Over the last couple of years I’ve done a variety of copywriting for this leading Super and luxury yacht directory: online articles; website content; banner ads; directory profiles and more. My latest project involved a suite of new text blocks for a load of the Super Yacht Directory’s category pages.

Copywriters gloucestershire: super yachts directory screenshot

Exotic locations a world away from Gloucestershire
Writing for the Super Yacht Directory is always a great opportunity to work some exotic locations and products into engaging category page copy. It goies with the territory, when you are writing for one of the leading directories (maybe the leader?) for the superyacht world, it’s a world a million miles away from Sharpness or Gloucester docks. This time I even managed a reference to the Suvretta-Hang above St Moritz, in my beloved Switzerland.

A great team at the Super Yachts Directory
They are such a lovely team at the Super Yachts Directory and it’s always a pleasure. Although it helps if you have Lürrsen, it’s not a prerequisite as many of the directory’s services are equally suitable for yachties of more modest means. Into yachts? Need yachting services? Check out the Super Yachts Directory.

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