No cut ‘n’ paste content here: we’re Gloucestershire copywriters!

I received an interesting email proposition from the USA recently. The sender was offering a service scanning and digitizing public domain books and files into MS Word format ‘that clients can use to create their own articles or ebooks’. What’s more, the service also offered to convert PDF files of public domain books, downloaded from Google, into editable documents.

‘Get up to 40 online articles from one book’
Okay so far, but what about the suggestion that followed, that I could get up to 40 articles (for online article submission sites such as from just one book – saving me ‘hours of time and money trying to write these articles yourself’.

The implied suggestion that cutting and pasting content was good practice
Apart from being a bit piqued that someone would think I couldn’t write my own content, what was more alarming was the implied suggestion that cutting and pasting other content (whether in the public domain or not) was good practice.

This Gloucestershire copywriter can research and write original content
Needless to say, I have ignored this approach. Just for the record, this is one of the copywriters in Gloucestershire who always delivers a unique piece of writing. Naturally, I use research sources ranging from hard copy documents to web content – but cut ‘n’ paste I DON’T do, unless it is a properly acknowledged quote being used under Fair Use. In any other case I will synthesise new and original content from researched material. For this, I use the traditional research skills that many of today’s “cut ‘n’ paste generation” seem to be unaware of.

Bailed out – an unlucky small-business owner
On a recent project I bailed out a small business owner in the Midlands who had been horrifically ripped off by a so-called ‘professional freelance copywriter’ who delivered website copy that was cut and pasted in its entirety from other websites in the same industry sector.

Only original copy from this Gloucestershire copywriter
It may take a bit longer, but it is ethical and it gives better results. Creating unique copy also avoids any possibility of duplicate content penalisation by the search engines.

So, whether I’m writing you a website or online SEO articles, I NEVER cut and paste content for my copywriting clients and that’s how it always will be. I’m an ethical Gloucestershire copywriter with the research and creative skills to generate great copy without having to line the pockets of the transatlantic book scanners in the process!

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