Monthly Archives: June 2012

Getting copywriting off a client’s to-do list…yet again

Time and time again, it’s the content of a new website that holds up progress. The website is ‘finished’, but the developer is waiting for decent content from their client. I had another great example of this recently. A client had been working on a new site for a substantial construction company. The company had been trying to write their own SEO copy from a researched page-keyword set for months. If you’ve ever tried to do this, you’ll know it isn’t easy – especially while you are trying to run a busy company at the same time. The project had ground to a halt for want of the vital SEO pages…

Then they decided to hire me

That’s where, as a copywriter who specialises in Web and SEO copywriting, I can help. And that’s what I did when the construction experts gave up and decided to hire a freelance writer. Within a few days, we’d had a great briefing meeting, I’d got my head around what they do and what sets them apart from their competitors, created the SEO pages they needed to engage their human site visitors as well as Google. They were delighted; after two small amends, the copy was signed off and ready to go into the website.

Copy written and approved in no time at all

By getting a specialist copywriter in (and one who knows the construction sector well), they got that copy off their to-do list, approved and over to their website developer in no time at all. I’ll add in the critical details when the site goes live, which should be soon. It’s going to be another a good one.

Job done! Point made! Yet again, the  Gloucestershire copywriter comes to the rescue.

When copy theft comes too close to home

Until recently, copy theft (plagiarism) was something that only ever happened to other people out on the Web. Sure, as a Gloucestershire copywriter I’d read about it happening and know the basics of copyright law, but it had never struck close to home for me. Now it has, and a recent experience has shown how you can get redress when someone steals your carefully crafted words…

I was in the middle of creating some new content for an existing client. A couple of years ago we’d updated his garden design and landscaping website with a lot of new SEO copy. Since then, in conjunction with new website design and photography, my copy had contributed to a transformation of my client’s business on the web. He was pleased, very pleased. Read what happened next…