Troubleshooting devolo dLAN 200 AVSmart+ powerline networking problem

As a busy Gloucestershire copywriter, inspiration and creativity can come anywhere. Sometimes a change of writing scene can help, which is why, like last year, I’ve moved up from my basement office to our conservatory for the summer. Unfortunately, the dining room table is at the furthest end of the room – the one part of the house that isn’t reached by wireless…

Last year, to get around this,  I bought the devolo dLAN 200 AVSmart+ powerline networking starter kit. It worked beautifully out of the box. But this year, after a week of operation, the two Homeplugs refused to synch. With a deadline approaching, I was tearing my hair out. In the end I contacted devolo in Aachen, Germany. Fortunately, they were able to help me out with a solution that I hadn’t been able to discover in the user guide or online. If you’ve experienced problems getting two devolo Homeplugs to synch, this might help you too.

Here’s what they told me to do and why I’m a happy. conservatory-based Gloucestershire copywriter again. Read more here…

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