‘Gloucestershire copyrighter’ vs. Gloucestershire copywriter

copyright and pen






I tried an interesting experiment the other day and typed ‘copyrighter gloucestershire’ into Google to see what would happen. Why I hadn’t tried this before, in the course of six years as a copywriter in Cheltenham, I’m not sure (too busy writing, methinks). The exercise was prompted by yet another of the networking meeting conversations that go something along these lines:

Attendee at business breakfast: ‘So what do you do?’

Me: ‘Im a Gloucestershire-based copywriter. I do copywriting…’

Attendee: ‘So you work with trademarks and patents and intellectual property stuff like that. Interesting.’

Me: ‘Er, yes and no. I’m a copywriter, working with words, copy, marketing communications and so on. But I have to know a bit about copyright too…’

Eventually, we clarify things and the conversation progresses. Maybe the lesson is that, outside marketing communications and web design, the term copywriter (particularly when spoken) is misunderstood. Maybe ‘writer’ would be better? Interestingly, in her book The Idea Writers, Terressa Iezzi quotes Joyce King Thomas, formerly of McCann Erickson New York, who said: ‘The role of writer (the term copywriter probably ought to be retired) hasn’t changed as much as it has expanded.’

But I digress. Back to ‘copyrighter vs. copywriter’. Here’s where you can read more about my Google experiment and the practical  differences between a ‘copyrighter’ and a copywriter.

is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.

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