Why you should hire a [Gloucestershire] copywriter – by brand guru, Simon Middleton

I’m currently engrossed in Simon Middleton’s book, Build a Brand in 30 Days. It’s good, very good (albeit, rather surprisingly, with a few distracting ‘hidden assassins’ in the form of typos).

build a brand in 30 days cover


On page 59, in the section about Category 1 and Category 2 skills, Middleton urges the small business brand builder to concentrate on their Cat 1 skills (the things they do best) and buy in the Cat 2 skills they need: IT, accounting, copywriting or whatever…

One particular paragraph really resonated with me; it’s something that I regularly tell my prospective clients. It was good to read Middleton putting the case for freelance copywriters so persuasively, even for people such as marketing managers who can write decent copy:

I happen to be comfortable with words, and I’ve been writing in one way or another for my whole life. So I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else write my media releases, or my blog, or my website. That’s a Cat I skill for me. But you might not feel skilled and at ease with writing. So don’t struggle with it. Don’t. For you it’s Cat 2. Find a freelance copywriter to do all that for you. There’ll be one in your town. Check out a few. A lot of them are really good, and they’re nowhere near as expensive as wasting hours trying to do yourself something which isn’t you. Funnily enough, even though I love to write, and I think I’m best placed to write about the subject area in which I am working (i.e. branding) I have recently hired a very good freelancer to write the news stories for my monthly newsletter because of my growing workload, and because she researches and writes the stories more quickly and cost-effectively than I would be able to do. There was bit of an emotional hurdle to get over in giving up a task which was so clearly Category I for me; but sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture.

Simon Middleton

Nice one Simon. Well said. Music to my ears.

So, if you’re in or near Gloucestershire or surrounding counties and you don’t have the time, the specialist skills or the inclination to do your own marketing, PR, SEO/website or technical copywriting, give one of the copywriters in Cheltenham a call – preferably me please!


is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.

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