‘Finding a copywriter in Gloucestershire is best’: top London copywriter says

I had to chuckle the other day when I saw the Google search engine results page for  ‘copywriters gloucestershire’. There it was, way down the page, the search result for a very experienced, very capable London-based copywriter – one of the elder statesmen of British copywriting…

It’s been there for a while, an attempt to persuade Gloucestershire organisations that they don’t need a Gloucestershire based copywriter… When you dig a bit you discover that there’s also an identical page for most of the main urban areas and regions of the UK. Good thinking.

As it happens, as well as lots of organisations having a policy of working with local suppliers, many of my clients actually agree that local’s often best. They like the responsive service that, as a copywriter in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, I provide for organisations in the county and its neighbours. They also love how I’m just down the road and won’t hit them for a huge fee to come over for a meeting. And, no, wonderful as they are, Skype, phone conferencing and other technologies aren’t always as good as a face-to-face briefing or fact-finding meeting.

(By the way, I sometimes do work elsewhere in the UK. I’ve even worked for London-based organisations including the Metropolitan Police. But I usually prefer to be able to meet my clients cost-effectively rather than working remotely – and they like it too.)

Anyway, back to those Google search results.  The other day I noticed that the secondary text line under this particular result actually contradicts the landing pages’ argument that a local copywriter isn’t necessarily best for Gloucestershire. We’ve always known that Google can be a bit fickle when inserting this particular text. Sometimes it picks up on the Meta-description tag; for another page it’ll draw text from within the page itself. That’s what’s happened this time and, as the image below shows, Mountain View’s finest really has excelled itself!

choose copywriters in gloucestershire

So, if you’re in or near Gloucestershire and you want to make sure your copywriting or copy-editing project turns out as you’d like, just contact this Gloucestershire copywriter.

That’s official!

is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.

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