MyBizCard woes – anyone else had the same experience?

Have you been asked to complete a review for someone? Were you tempted to register yourself and give MyBizCard access through LinkedIn?

Despite being super-cautious about who I sign up with – and up to my ears in work as a very busy Cheltenham copywriter – I was tempted when a trusted contact asked me to do a review. It looked like a good idea so I registered. And then I gave MyBizCArd access to LinkedIn. And yes, then I thought it would be a good idea to contact some of my LinkedIn connections to ask for a review.

And then, like opening Pandora’s box, things started to go awry. First, the site ignored my selected list of contacts and approached ALL my LinkedIn contacts for a review. That was embarrassing because I haven’t done copywriting work for many of them… To add insult to injury, some of the approach emails showed other connections copied in. If that was you, please accept my sincere apologies. It wasn’t my intention.

The penultimate annoyance  came when I discovered that MyBizCard doesn’t show more than three recommendations– and my copywriting clients have been good enough to respond in their droves .

And now, after I and many of my contacts have gone to the trouble to contact each other and respond, the last straw. MyBizCo won’t let me or anyone else see any but the most recent three ratings unless I sign up for their upgrade at $99!

All very dubious indeed. I could say something stronger…

Have you had the same experience? Please tell me what happened to you when you engaged with

is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.

19 thoughts on “MyBizCard woes – anyone else had the same experience?

  1. Anastasia Lipske Schuster

    Yes, it’s been a nightmare! I received a request from someone I trust, submitted my rating, then the opportunity came up for me to do the same. It looked like a new service offered through LinkedIn so I trusted it.

    I created my own personal message to ask people who have worked with me to rate me, but if they hadn’t to disregard. It seemed the easiest way so I could then just send it out to all my contacts.

    Once submitted, I got the message from MyBizCard that only three of my ratings would show on my card unless I paid $99. My heart sunk! I didn’t want to (wouldn’t) pay that kind of money, alas there was no way to pull back that message that just went out to 962 people.

    I am pissed, embarrassed, humiliated, frustrated, and feel helpless in stopping this snowball as I suspect people will do the exact same thing as me. They’ll rate me and because they trust me they’ll sign up, message all their contacts, then discover the nightmare behind it all perpetuating this horrible scam.

    I’ve seen that people have already complained to LinkedIn and near as I can tell LI hasn’t done anything about it. I’m now going to message all my contacts (this will be painful as I can only select 50 at a time) to beg their forgiveness, alas they’ll get my message after the first so I’m certain the damage is already done.

    I’ve never had something like this happen before. I’m so careful about avoiding things like this. I have been bamboozled!

  2. alwrites Post author

    You have my sincerest sympathy Anastasia. Thank you very much for sharing. I have a feeling you won’t be the only person to comment.

  3. Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    Hi Al,
    I found your blog post about MyBizCard by googling ‘MyBizCard spam’ today, having had yet another request from a contact about it.
    I train people how to use Linkedin, and want to help my workshop attendees avoid bad experiences, as well as get the best out of the platform, so I was keen to check out views about this service.

    I was immediately suspicious of MyBizCard when the message was not personalised, and sent to several people including me. I then looked at the ‘Unsubscribe’ link and found I could only ‘unsubscribe’ by connecting MyBizCard to Linkedin, thereby giving them access to my email address. I don’t think so!

    MyBizCard reminds me very much of phishing messages on Twitter. You get a Direct Message that says ‘hey, someone’s saying really bad things about you on Facebook’, you click the link thinking your friend is helping you, only to have your password harvested, then it passes on like a disease. People only realise when its too late, by which time they’ve infected several of their followers. Some of them may even report the user for spam when their hacked account starts sending out inappropriate messages. Its a very damaging use of the internet, and people can be very hurt when it happens to them, but they shouldn’t be, because these scams take advantage of your good nature.

    I’m sorry to hear that you and Anastasia have had bad experiences with the site, I notice from Linkedin’s help forums that you aren’t alone. By writing about it, you’ve done a huge service to other Linkedin users who will see this website for what it is.

    I’m going to blog about it too, and hopefully we can get the word out there, so that more people know that when they get such a message, they need to reply to the user telling them what has happened and showing them how to remove access rights from their Linkeidn account, which you can do in your settings.

  4. alwrites Post author

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough response. I am normally very, very cautious about anything like this, but got caught out this time… Keep in touch and keep up the good work.

  5. Anastasia Schuster

    Hey Su, thanks for sharing even more about the unscrupulous tactics of

    I am blown away by the audacity of this company. What they did was bad enough. The fact that they never replied to my complaint that I submitted on their website shows even further lack of integrity, but it just gets better…

    John Denver, Support Manager for MyBizCard has sent me multiple auto emails sharing three of the reviews that people gave me AND that I received two bad reviews. They show the names of the two reviewers along with their 3-star ratings, but no comments. I found it odd because I couldn’t imagine either one of those people giving me a bad review. I reached out to them, get this, they never reviewed me!!!!! On top of everything else, MyBizCard is lying!!!

    And what I love most is this comment from them: “Uh oh, looks like you received some bad ratings that are 3 stars or less. These are publicly visible to other people on your business card. If you’d like to delete them, click “Remove”.” So on top of everything else, if you got any bad reviews, you can remove them! Hah!! Really?????? What’s the point of having reviews if you can remove the ones you don’t like.

    Oh my gosh, I simply can’t get over how bad they are…

    Thanks to you and Al for helping to spread the word. One good thing came from all of this though. I took the time to message everyone of my LI contacts my explanation, apology, a link to this blog, and a link on how to delete the connection if they did it. It was painful as I could only do 50 at a time and I have nearly 1,000 contacts. While I braced myself for a backlash I received only support and appreciation for taking the time to let them know what happened and alert them to the issue. Some were so impressed with how I handled the problem that it built up their opinion of me and showed integrity. As a result of that I’ve had multiple contacts and have even received business. What is that saying? Something along the lines of “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”? Well I guess in this case it’s true.

    None the less, if given the choice I would’ve avoided this painful experience. As my dad always said…”First the test and THEN the lesson.”…how true…

  6. Jane Leonard

    Hello Al,

    THanks for creating this post, I too came accross it when googling MyBizcard.
    I am going to create a post about this for my contacts and link back to here to keep up with your comments section.

  7. alwrites Post author

    Well done all of you. Thanks for picking this up and running with it more thoroughly than I ever could have. Interestingly, I received the following from MyBizCard’s John Denver this morning. They’ve a nerve…

    Hi Al Hidden,

    Thank you for signing up and using myBizCard a week ago. You’ve been selected for a special, one-time promotion that we’re offering to a small number of new users. Our Pro upgrade ($99) is now available for the next 24 hours for $39 – only for you. This allows you to unlock all the ratings you’ve received and see detailed analysis and data on your business card.

    See the deal here :

    John Denver | Support Manager

    No, strangely, I don’t think I will!

    1. Anastasia Schuster (@AccessSpeakers)

      Ha ha – I love it – only for you! Just like Johnny in India that practically accosted me telling me over and over that the special deal he was offering was only for me. Right. Though I must admit Johnny was very endearing.

      Having said that, MyBizCard is NOT very endearing. I too got the EXACT same email offer, only for me of course. 🙂 I replied back to John Denver with a “Really? Only for me? Please remove me from your e-list” and I shared all three blogs – yours as well as the ones from Su and Jane. After a few emails back and forth I’m hoping he “got it” that I’m not a happy camper.

  8. Andrea Rippon

    I got stung too – had I known that it was going to cost £62 GBP I would never have done this. Like you I thought BizCard was a new method of getting recommendations on Linked In. I feel very silly – but having read these comments, will take the upper hand by not paying; I will face up to my mistake and warnings others not to be duped as I was.

  9. C. C. Gevry

    I just wanted to let you know I was taken in by this just this week. I thought I was getting a lifetime membership to LinkedIn for $99, but what I ended up getting is a membership to MyBizCard. It popped up while I was on LinkedIn, offering this great promotion to get more ratings, because it said only 3 ratings would be posted otherwise. It wasn’t very clear that I was signing up for a different service (meaning MyBizCard as opposed to LinkedIn). In addition, when I used PayPal to process my payment, the vendor was listed as General Workings, not LinkedIn. That’s how I knew something was up. When I click on the details of the transaction on PayPal, nothing actually refers to MyBizCard. The email address is listed as with the customer service URL being . The phone number that is listed is 855-344-4327, which when searched on Google comes up as belonging to two different companies, HiGear and Sales Spider, both out of San Francisco, CA.

    MyBizCard has a no refund policy, but I tried to email them anyway. When I submitted my email, it doesn’t confirm that they received it, so I tried submitting again. I plan to dispute this charge with my credit card company, and or, PayPal.

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