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Helicopters and your Gloucestershire copywriter

A recent conversation with the owner of a Cotswold helicopter business provided a great opportunity to reminisce about the time this Gloucestershire copywriter ended up flitting around the Swiss Alps with a heli-logging crew. And how I ended up in a Bell 212 that got picked up by an AWACS in the days after 9/11. And then there was the generous support that I got from local helicopter businesses such as Polo Aviation and Heliflight for my City & Guilds Technical Communication project and my (as-yet unpublished) novel.

image by al hidden, gloucestershire helicopter copywriters

One of the highlights of my freelance copywriting career to-date was the SEO copywriting I did (through two of my clients) for Staverton-based Rise Helicopters. Add all these ‘helo experiences’ up and it makes a handy ‘helicopter CV’ as background to more work for the industry. Being interested in a subject is a great starting point for writing enthusiastically about it. Having this knowledge and experience, yet being able to stand back from the day-to-day intensity of a helicopter-related business, puts one on a great position to offer fresh perspectives.

One of my objectives for 2011 is to do some more helicopter writing. I’m getting itchy keyboard fingers and the challenge of helping another helicopter firm get their bizcomms out of a low hover and transitioning into a steep climb is an exciting one. Gotta helicopter business that could use some creative copywriting? Or maybe your agency or web company has a helicopter-business client? If so, please visit my helicopter copywriters website page for more info.

Is that the sound of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries (Walkürenritt or Ritt der Walküren) I can hear?…

Helicopters, website navigation and SEO copywriting

I should have listened to the weather forecast this morning. But I didn’t, and halfway up the hill the drizzle was so dense that you could barely see across the valley. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of the helicopter through the gloom, a Sea King approaching slowly, just above the treeline, from over the village. For a moment I was back in the Rockies as Alpine’s Bell-212 approached our mountain eyrie… Then the yellow chopper circled slowly away over the escarpment and disappeared into the mist over the reservoir…

For the rest of my walk I thought about search engine optimisation. If we wanted to be found by a search and rescue helicopter we’d do all we could to make it easy: using hand signals, smoke flares or objects laid out on the ground. It should be the same with websites. Everyone knows the importance of keywords; but amazingly, as one of my SEO experts was saying just before I left the office, too many clients still don’t appreciate the importance of structuring their website (the hierarchy of pages, the site navigation and the consistent use of search terms) around identified search terms to lead humans and search engines to the content they want.

Too often, the site navigation is limited to ‘About Us’, ‘Services’ and similar terms that no one would ever search for. The clever people use a good SEO consultant to structure the site navigation around identified terms that searchers really use – then hire a skilled SEO copywriter to work their magic around ‘helicopter flight training’, ‘haulage contractors Cotswolds’ ‘copywriters in Gloucestershire’ or whatever’s appropriate.

It’s rather like standing in a big field, waving your arms at ‘Budgie’ and yelling ‘Come get me!’ We’d all do it if we really wanted to be found!