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Interesting radio programme on translation and localisation

Every so often I listen in to the radio show by San Francisco Bay Area career coach Marty Nemko on KALW, 91.7 FM or through Martyr’s podcasts on iTunes.  A recent episode of Work with Marty  resonated with me because of writing work I’ve done as a copywriter for translation and localisation businesses here in the UK.

I’m a freelance copywriter in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and I found the show fascinating. If you’re in, or use,  translation, localisation or internationalisation I’m sure you will too. Marty’s programme gives some very interesting perspectives on the state of on the business – including the role of online machine translation.

It’s a good listen and I’d recommend it to anyone in this field. I’ll be listening to it again to extract all the gems it contains (typical of Marty’s shows). Please check it out for yourself through iTunes or Marty’s own website.

And if you run a UK-based translation. localisation or internationalisation business that needs some creative copywriting? I’m here for you – as I was for Gemini Translation Services in Keynsham, Bristol when they needed SEO copywriting for two websites (and very good they are at what they do too!)

Until next time…

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