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Case study writing for Evergreen Computing Ltd

Client case studies are a great way to let clients or customers tell your sales prospects about the quality of your services.

For several years I’ve been doing case study writing for Charfield, Gloucestershire-based Evergreen Computing Ltd. In fact, I’ve written so many that I’ve lost count, but when I looked at the Evergreen site the other day I realised how they’d been adding up – from an online wine business to pet supplies; from specialist databases for the building industry to an RV Sales directory site, I’ve written about them all.

And the common denominator? Apart from the fun of making such an important difference for the Evergreen team, it’s the monotony of listening to satisfied clients going on and on about how well Evergreen looks after them during my research interviews…

Still, it can’t be helped. Andrew and his team are good like that! Well-done guys, it’s a pleasure to work with you.

case study copywriting for Evergreen Computing

From interview to completed case study: the Evergreen Computing Case Studies webpage