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Can one be too intelligent as a Cheltenham copywriter?

I was listening to Anthony Davis on LBC 97.3 last night. He was discussing intelligence, and a new US study that suggests human intelligence peaked several thousand years ago and that we’ve been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since.  Among his callers were several who suggested that ignorance was bliss and that intelligent people lead the most complicated lives. Apparently life’s much easier if you are a bit thick.

It got me thinking whether life as a freelance copywriter in Cheltenham would be easier with less intelligence and less worry about the things I care about.

Things like juggling to keep appointments and make calls for interviews exactly when I say I will. And delivering copy to the agreed deadlines. And managing time so all my clients’ projects get done when I’ve promised them. Maybe I should be a bit more laid back. After all, people are understanding…

Maybe life would be simpler if I didn’t agonise about writing style and punctuation details that some clients often don’t even notice – and wonder what I’m fussing about. What does ‘disinterested’ really mean these days, should I use double quotes or singles, and will my client hate me because I use questions at the start of a web page to engage the human reader? Perhaps it would be bliss if I didn’t anguish over such things.

Perhaps someone less intelligent, less thinking and less committed to what they do wouldn’t worry about doing another draft because they could see the benefit of a bit more editing. Maybe, I should finish earlier and go gawp at I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Or maybe not. Because the intelligence handout that I got 53 years ago seems to underpin much of what my loyal clients like about me: the attention to detail; the passion for what I do; the determination to give them excellent value; the integrity I bring to their writing…

I’ll stick with my approach and accept that life may be a bit more complicated because of it. I’m sure my clients won’t complain!

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