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Office seating for copywriters

Did you ever work out how much of the year you spend sat at your desk or computer workstation? If you’re like me it will be a lot of time; all the more reason to make sure you have the best possible seating – especially if, like me, you have suffered from back problems in the past.

When I set up my Gloucestershire copywriting business in 2006, I finally took the plunge and, advised by Nigel Eldridge at The Office Back Care Centre in Cheltenham, invested in some seriously good office seating from Norwegian manufacturer Håg. Several years on, this is proving to be one of my best business investments and a massive productivity aid. I’d recommend one of these seats to anyone in the creative industries – or any other office environment for that matter.

Copywriter seating: Håg 05 high back

This Gloucestershire copywriter loves his Håg 05 office seat

For more information on my experiences with my two ‘Norwegian beauties’, why not visit the office seating article on my website copywriter Resources page.