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Will more garages harness the power of the web (and their web copywriter)?

The latest issue of Aftermarket just arrived. It’s a trade magazine for, surprise, surprise,  the automotive aftermarket. I started reading it regularly when I began working on newsletters and factsheets as copywriter for Mosaique Design/Toyota GB. Now I make sure I have a good read every time an issue arrives.

This month, under the headline ‘Are workshops web shy?’, there’s a piece about the lack of web-presence among independent garages. Quoting recent research by the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), the piece describes how fewer than six out of ten garages have websites – and as a result are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to engage their potential customers online.

Having even a simple website is only part of the challenge. There’s content to think about, and it will almost certainly have to be SEO focused. From my experience of the motor trade, your average garage owner or mechanic is more interested in diagnosing an engine or transmission problem than writing pages of website content.

And why should they be? I don’t spend hours fiddling with our cars, so why should they get ‘under the bonnet’ of the words that can differentiate and define their business? That’s where a skilled, experienced automotive copywriter comes into their own: doing the legwork to research great content and create engaging website pages that will appeal to search engines and potential garage customers alike.

My hope is that as independent motor repairers gradually get the message about their web presence, they won’t neglect the importance of well-written copy. So many businesses do, and it’s a wasted opportunity. There’s already one good local garage near us where the quality of the writing on their website is poor. Okay, so they’re a garage, not writers, but as for any organisation, the quality of on or offline writing says something important about their brand – no matter how small or local or specialised they are. And that’s where I can help them, by getting the writing right while they keep their heads under the bonnet or out on the sales floor.

So, if there are any small independent garages out there in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire or surrounding counties that need to harness the power of clear, simple, benefit-led copy… this Gloucestershire copywriter can help. And it won’t cost a fortune either.

is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.