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How to be happy? Liggy Webb can help…

I’m not a serial business networker – primarily because, as one of the copywriters in Cheltenham, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a great flow of writing business on recommendation and as repeat business from my loyal client network.

There is, however,  one networking group that I’ve attended regularly for the last few years, and that’s the Gloucestershire Business Breakfast Club (GBBC). We kicked off the New Year on Wednesday at a new venue, The Chase Hotel in Brockworth, Gloucestershire. And we had a great guest speaker, Gloucestershire-based ‘happiness guru’ Liggy Webb.

Liggy is a world leader in modern life skills, a prolific consultant, author and presenter who includes the United Nations and an impressive list of other major organisations among her clients.


Her passion is the improvement of people’s lives. After just 15 minutes talking to a mesmerised group of business breakfasters we could see why. From an inspired Top 10 of things to do to be happy, to her thought-provoking anecdotes and her belief in the role of daily gratitude, her ideas are clearly more than just another ‘woo woo’ take on self-help.


Liggy’s credentials, combined with an engaging manner, great ideas and a sparkling personality made this one of the highlights of several years attending GBBC meetings. A shame that her talk was so short – but amazing how many good ideas were packed into it. I, along with, I’m sure, many of the other attendees, could have listened to her all day.

Her ideas are practical too, and cross-reference reassuringly with things I’ve heard, learned and proved to myself in the past.

I came away from the talk with pages of notes and a copy of one of her books How to be Happy. An initial flick through suggests that this is going to be a good read. Why am I not surprised…

Inspiration or what?

Inspiration or what?

You don’t have to be in the depths of depression or trapped in a cage of misery to appreciate Liggy’s messages. Even when we’re on good form, doing the right things and feeding our happiness makes sense to maintain that form. And it’s all the more important with our headlong, full-on lifestyles. Whether you’re a busy Gloucestershire copywriter, stressed out executive or harassed stay-at-home mum, there’s something to learn from Liggy.

So now I’m holding my ‘Vitamin G’ (thank you Liggy), and thinking of three reasons to be grateful today: I’m not at a gas plant in the Algerian desert; I’ve got a warm office and work to do; and I’m inspired by meeting Liggy on Wednesday morning.


Visit Liggy’s page on Amazon or her own website, or go hear her speak. You’re in for a practical, inspiring treat. I can’t wait to hear her again sometime.


Nice one Liggy!

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