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A great Ludlow B&B for my off-site strategy meeting

I’ve just got back from my annual off-site business review and strategy meeting. Last year we went to Dartmoor. This year, to an amazing B&B near Ludlow.

I first discovered the benefits of off-site meetings back in corporate life. Now I am enjoying the benefits as a busy Gloucestershire copywriter. Until you’ve tried an off-site meeting, it’s hard to appreciate the benefits for clear, undistracted thinking and creativity. The power of the wind in the trees, a few clucking hens and a houseful of cats is truly awesome.

So where is this wonderful oasis of peace, calm and delicious food? Brook Farm (01584 819868) is at Berrington, close to the point where Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire meet. Whether yours is a copywriting business or you’re in a completely different field, you can read more about the benefits of getting off site on my website.

Need a clear perspective and great new ideas? My message is an unequivocal ‘get off site now!’ Try it sometime and experience the difference it makes.