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How good is your website content?

online content examples by the gloucestershire copywriter





In October 2014, I was invited to lead a couple of mini workshops sessions at The Business Kitchen’s introductory taster session held at Maggie’s in Cheltenham. My talk and the accompanying handout went down well with the attendees, so I thought I’d share them with a wider audience here…

For websites to engage humans and search engines, content is (and always was) king. Good content is relevant and meaningful to your site visitors, well written and consistent with your brand. Google’s recent algorithm changes have made content’s importance topical, almost as if content is a newly discovered recipe for online success. In reality, since Bill Gates’ prophetic 1996 ‘Content is King’ essay, the smart money has always been on creating content that helps your site visitors solve problems – in alignment with Google’s guiding principles.

Whether you just want content to read well, or you want it to help your search engine optimisation (SEO), good content writing matters. When SEO performance is important, the difference is that you’ll need to integrate properly researched page keyword sets into your content. Read more here…

Al Hidden is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.