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A technical editing gem

Even as an experienced copywriter and one of the more versatile copy-editors in Gloucestershire, it’s always refreshing to find a new source of inspiration, ideas and knowledge. Such was the case when I recently came across seriously-cheap secondhand copy of Judith A. Tarutz’s classic Technical Editing. Originally written in 1992, there’s not a mention of Microsoft, Windows, FrameMaker or the internet in this 454-page treasure trove of great ideas…

But what Technical Editing lacks in currency, it makes up for in timeless wisdom and great advice gained in the trenches of editing in the computer software world. The author was a technical editor at Hewlett Packard and her experience as a copy-editor comes through on every page. I couldn’t put this book down, learned lots that will be useful in my work, and loved her engaging, and very human, writing style. If you’re like me, you’ll even enjoy an occasional chuckle too.