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Copywriters: look after your clients during the hard times ahead

I read an interesting article on the LBC 97.3 FM website over the festive season. It was titled ‘UK Economy: Workers Face A “Hard Year Of Slog” ‘ and it summarised a number of reports that are warning of a tough 2013 in the UK jobs market.

No surprises then. We know its tough and it isn’t going to get better for a while. Quoting Dr John Philpott, director of The Jobs Economist,  the piece said: ‘workers can expect longer hours, a continued squeeze on pay and fewer jobs being created’.

But what does this mean for copywriters in Cheltenham or elsewhere in the UK? If organisations find themselves caught between the need to promote themselves through recession  and pressure to get the most out of a limited number of people, I believe that this will only increase the value of professional independent copywriters. Small, responsive organisations like mine who offer good value and get the job done fast and accurately with inspired copywriting.

Whether we’re supporting hard-pressed in-house writers or being the sole copywriting resource for an organisation on a ‘power-by-the-hour’ basis, we’re going to be in demand. At this point, it could be tempting to get greedy and exploit the situation in the short-term. Instead, I advocate continuing with fair pricing and great value for outsourced copywriting. What goes around comes around. By playing fair and not exploiting our position when times are hard, we should be in a strong position when the good times return.

From experience with my lovely clients, most have long memories and will remember how we treat them.  Helping helping them through the tough times looks like a great way to build strong, sustainable working relationships – and the decent thing to do. That’s the kind of partnership that leads to profitable long-term repeat business.

They say it costs five times more to win a new client as to look after an existing one. I’ll be looking after my clients through the hard times. Will you be doing the same?

Happy New Year everybody.

is an experienced Gloucestershire based copywriter specialising in Marketing, Web/SEO, technical and PR copywriting.