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Professor Stephen Hawking…or not; good copywriting…or not?

I just heard the latest VW Up ad on Classic FM. It’s the one where the Stephen Hawking automated voice starts talking about all sorts of intellectual stuff, Higgs Boson and so on, then culminates by promoting VW’s new Up from just under eight-grand.

The ad, which is certainly attention grabbing, is already arousing a response online. Certainly the concept is a clever one and the copywriting for the script is equally clever. I’m not sure whether to admire it or condemn it – the ad has already been the subject of complaints to the ASA. I suppose it all depends on whether Professor Hawking approved of it.

If it’s actually Professor Hawking, he must have had a good reason for doing it – and maybe it says something about his sense of humour. But if it wasn’t, it could be seen as not being in the best taste and more than a little insulting to the great man.

Who knows?  Have a listen and make your own mind up here.

And while you’re at it, you can see the outcome of one designer’s complaint to the ASA. Interesting indeed. I guess Prof Hawking indeed has a sense of humour. Or he needed the cash. Or both. At least now I’ll feel better each time I hear the ad. It is rather good.

Whether I’d buy a VW Up in preference to Skoda’s Citigo, well that’s another matter. Actually, this Gloucestershire copywriter rather fancies a Yeti!

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