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Cutpastecreate ‘web design Cheltenham’ goes live

Good things sometimes take a while to come to fruition (or, in the case of websites, ‘go live’). That’s why I was thrilled to see the new Cutpastecreate Ltd ‘Web Design Cheltenham’ site go live at last.

Cutpastecreate Ltd 'web design cheltenham' homepage

The new site finally went live in January 2011

I did the SEO copywriting for Ben’s new site a year ago. But as things happen, it’s taken a bit longer than planned for him to finally get the site finished to his usual (high) stanadards. The result is worth waiting for, a clear, stylish, contemporary showcase for Cutpastecreate’s many website and graphic design talents. They’re also exceptionally nice people to work with. I wish you every success with the new site Ben.

For more information on the project, please visit ‘Web Design Cheltenham – SEO copywriting for Cutpastecreate